Spring Training: Fresh out of Black Box Acting’s Studio Program…and other highlights

I’m not sure there’s any other career path that demands (but also inspires) you stay in class and keep training like acting does. It’s truly bonkers and can feel truly frustrating, expensive, tedious, yaddayaddayadda — but it also feels magical and reinvigorating. We’re pursuing a career that A) is inconsistent and riddled with rejection and B) is pretty much 100% based on us, our voice, our instrument and what we bring to a room. Class lets you work out those muscles in between jobs, but also grow and develop new muscles…and meet new workout partners, ya know?!

Personally, I’m always open and looking for a new classroom opportunity. But with my current performance load, a lil lull in auditions and the doldrums of late winter/early spring weather, I was especially eager to stay on top of my craft these last couple of months. Call it spring training, if you like.

There are a lot of schools and classes and workshops out there. Here are the chosen few I kept myself sharp with recently:

Black Box Acting – I am so proud to announce that I have officially completed training in Black Box Acting’s studio program. Though ‘completed’ is probably not the best word because I 100% see myself returning in the future for more reps.

The Black Box Method is based in Meisner and Viewpoints and trains actors to own who you are onstage without apology, act on your impulses, celebrate failure and gifts equally, and, in short, be heckin’ fearless.

I had the distinct pleasure of training with James Lee, Ashley Neal & Katherine Bourne Taylor. With special instructor appearances by Darci Nalepa & Alex Elam.

On-Camera Masterclass with Matthew BarryHosted by Blue Door Collective and led by Hollywood Casting Director Matthew Barry, this intensive workshop was laser focused on the on-camera audition, common mistakes, distractions, opportunities and the like. Matthew’s industry insights and individual attention gave me not only the confidence and skills to be a better actor and auditioner, but a better professional in this industry.

Nail the Guest Star Audition with Jerry Kernion – Another audition-oriented workshop in name, but really a pointed seminar and exercise on that Guest Star life led by a man with a list of credits a mile long. Also, Jerry could teach an entire class just on script analysis based on the limited info you get in the breakdown and sides and I’d be all in. So glad I took this workshop and came ready to play on camera, take adjustments and just work out the audition-room kinks of those Guest Star roles. Big thanks to Jerry and Acting Studio Chicago for this one!

All this to say, ya girl gonna keep hustling and that hustle is humbling!