Introducing: Under the Kilt -- A New Scottish History Podcast

Introducing: Under the Kilt -- A New Scottish History Podcast

I know, I know, another history podcast?! Yes. Deal with it.

During the fourth season of Shared History, we had the pleasure of being joined by Scottish actor and playwright, Adam McNamara (Black Mirror, Vikings, OLC: Harry Potter & The Cursed Child) as a guest. Later in the season, at Adam’s recommendation, we got fellow Scottish actor (and BAFTA & Olivier award winner, nbd) Jack Lowden (Mary Queen of Scots, Fighting With My Family, Dunkirk) to join us as a guest as well. Due to a scheduling conflict, I asked Adam if he’d step up and help me co-host Jack’s episode and…well…I guess he enjoyed himself because shortly thereafter he asked if I’d help him start and co-host a Scottish history podcast with him.

That’s a long way of saying, we launched a new podcast focusing on lesser-known stories from Scottish history and we’re having a blast.

Season 1 of Under The Kilt is being released on Shared History’s platforms.

Tune in to Shared History: Under The Kilt to wander the historical heather and explore the less worn paths of Scottish history. From the Picts to present, we’re delving deep into bonnie Scotland and all her glory, missteps and omissions in history. We’re joined by new guests each week and I hope you take a listen because it is silly and informative.

Under The Kilt is out now. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher & Spotify or wherever you prefer to listen.

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