Featuring Special Guest, Me!

When I'm not hosting my own podcasts, I'm delighted to be guesting on others...

Here's a handy-dandy playlist of all of my podcast guest appearances for your listening pleasure:

About some of the shows...

Beyond Reproach 

is a comedic history podcast about scandals and scandalousness in politics and government. Each episode, hosts Stephanie & Tux explore the sordid stories of America's past, all while drinking heavily, talking too much, and generally making fools of themselves. They hope that these stories entertain you, teach you a thing or two, and maybe even draw parallels between the mistakes of the past and the quagmire that is American politics today.

Lifetime Uncorked

Lifetime Uncorked is the podcast where we discuss your favorite made for TV movies. Whether you love to hate watch, or hate yourself for loving them.

Poppin' Bottles

Poppin’ Bottles is a comedy podcast about your favorite beverages. Each week a new guest chats about their beverage of choice with recovering bartender Josh Segovia and barback Rob Grabowski. 

Then This Happened: Musical Stories

True stories are told and musical improvisers cut in and out with songs moving the story along. Each episode is about 15 to 25 minutes long. The show is put together by comedian and musician Matt Griffo. It’s recorded in his tiny studio in Chicago.

A Tap On The Wrist

A podcast about the scandalous history of alcohol, the people who profited off of it and the crimes committed because in it’s name.

The Pawd Pod

100% real animal facts. 100% animal puns. 200% animal podcast for adults. Hosted by comedian Simon Collier with a rotating guest host each week.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is a live comedy game show of answering questions and questioning answers. Contestants answer hard questions and then face cross examination by the opposing team. It’s a ridiculous evening of trivia, comedy and standing by your lies.

Our Father

Our Father is a podcast that takes place in a catholic confessional. The characters and confessionals are completely improvised and fictional…or are they?

Death & All Her Friends

A comedy podcast about the most hilarious topic around: death! Hosted by Sarah Baumann and Emma Wargolet.