Bride of the Killer Pinata -- Theatrical Premiere

Bride of the Killer Pinata -- Theatrical Premiere

at October 2022 premiere w/ writer/director, Stephen Tramontana

10 years after the events of “Killer Piñata,” the piñata returns to finish what he started with Lindsey Goodman. And now he has a mate…and so does Lindsey…it’s me…I’m Lindsey’s mate in the sequel to cult-adored Killer Piñata

…and we’ll be hosting a theatrical premiere at The Davis Theater, October 14, 2022 and tickets are going fast. Join us on the blood red carpet: tickets here.

UPDATE: The 10/14 premiere is sold out!

UPDATE UPDATE: Our Theatrical Debut was a Great Success!

Congrats to the cast and crew on a wonderful evening and thanks to all of the friends, family and fans who came out to support!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Another Screening!

Due to popular demand, the team is bringing Bride of the Killer Pinata BACK to the Davis Theater on November 9th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10 and available here.

(if for whatever reason that link does not work, visit